Hormonal Health

I recently attended a seminar on Sexual and Hormonal Health for Men and Women. The presenter was a Dr Briggs, medical Doctor who practices in the USA. Although a medical doctor, her first line of treatment is always diet, lifestyle and natural supplementation when dealing with hormonal health.

Being a dietitian I nearly burst with enthusiasm when she stated how important a the dietitian is to her medical practice and how important diet it to thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone stability. For many of her patients complaining of fatigue, low mood, low libido, PMS and gut issues she will start by cleaning up there eating with a 28 day medical detox and then move on to more specific advice regarding supplementation and/or medication.

Of special interest to me was how she runs genetic panels for a lot of her patients and tailors her advice depending on the results. It seems that in the USA doing genetic panels for patients is gaining momentum and a real place in clinical practice.