Andrew was referred to me by his personal trainer. He had been complaining about bloating, cramps and diarrhea for 3 months. He had been to his specialist, had scopes done, but nothing could be found to be the matter. He was eventually diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His digestive issue where beginning to affect his energy levels. 

After the initial consult, Andrew was put on an elimination diet and recommended certain supplements to help his digestion. After 3 weeks on his supplements his diarrhea had stopped, along with the cramps and bloating. After 4 weeks he was back to normal. It was however discovered that he could no longer tolerate gluten.

Sli is a 58 year old female who had “stomach issues” for most of her life. She had learnt to live with them to some extent, but got nervous when eating out about whether there was a toilet on hand. She eventually decided to go for food intolerance testing and came back with numerous positive results. She came in the see me for help with a meal plan and to heal her gut.

After 3 months on the program she very pleased that the pain she felt has totally disappeared, she no longer need to worry about going out with friends and has a lot more energy.