Sam was a 10 year old that was referred to me because he was diagnosed with certain food intolerances. He had a history and stomach cramps and tiredness after eating and his parents had consulted various doctors to try and establish what was wrong with their son who was not thriving.

He had been sent for food allergy tests and they had come up negative. As a last attempt his parent had sent him food intolerances tests and he had numerous. He was put on a program that eliminated the aggravating food and supplements that helped repair his gastro intestinal tract. Within 2 weeks he was a different child.

Sli is a 58 year old female who had “stomach issues” for most of her life. She had learnt to live with them to some extent, but got nervous when eating out about whether there was a toilet on hand. She eventually decided to go for food intolerance testing and came back with numerous positive results. She came in the see me for help with a meal plan and to heal her gut.

After 3 months on the program she very pleased that the pain she felt has totally disappeared, she no longer need to worry about going out with friends and has a lot more energy.