Brian and his wife first came to see me for advice on how to control his blood sugar levels and lose weight.

At the time Brian weighed 84.4 kgs and is a diabetic on insulin. His blood sugar levels  were way out of control and his HbA1C reading at the time was 8.5%. Brian was determined to get back control of his health and realized that his way of eating had to change.

After assessing all his requirements, a meal plan was put together for Brian to follow. After two weeks of following the meal he has lost a kilogram and his fasting blood sugar levels had improved dramatically. At his two month follow up he had lost a total of 7.8kgs (he now weighed 76.6kgs) and his blood sugar levels had stabilized and were very well controlled. His latest HbA1C reading had dropped to a remarkable 5.9% and he now requires much less insulin.

Brian’s story is remarkable and shows us how changing the way we eat can have a dramatic benefit on our health. Brian himself commented on how amazed he was to find that when following his eating plan he was never hungry. He is delighted with his success. What impressed me most about Brian’s journey to success was his ability to stay the course and persevere. He was committed, came for regular follow ups and determined to embrace a new way of life.”

Cathy came in heavy. She weight 150kgs and was on medication for thyroid, raised insulin and blood pressure.

We saw each other every two weeks for a year. After implementing the dietary changes and using selective supplements, she managed to lose 25kgs.  Her blood pressure and insulin medications have been reduced and for the first time ever her insulin levels are within normal range (despite previous weight loss and exercise). She is now aiming for the next 30kgs!

Barbara was referred by her doctor due to a recent diagnosis of diabetes.

She wanted to learn how to eat to help control her blood glucose readings. At the first consult she weighed 98.4 kgs and had a body fat percentage of 43.7%.  We worked together for four months and she lost 12.2 kgs with a 7.1% body fat mass reduction. 

Her blood glucose levels were well controlled from the first month. How did she do it? She followed the advice given, started exercising and came for regular follow up sessions which helped keep her focused.