John was referred to me by his doctor as he was complaining of fatigue, headaches and lack of interested in his usual activities. He had always had a keen interested in sport, but just couldn’t get in the game (as he out it). After his initial consult is became clear that John was teetering on burnout from a very stressful year at work.

It was recommended that he start a course of supplements that help manage his stress and support his adrenal function (stress hormones). His diet was also adjusted to help provide sustainable energy throughout the day. After two weeks John reported that his energy levels had improved and after 4 weeks he was able to exercise as his usual capacity. After 3 months he was feeling his old self again.

Nadine had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and needed some help with her diet. She was 26 years old, trying to complete her studies and work part time. Her diet was shocking and she needed to really clean up her eating. She was put onto some products that would provide her with the nutrients she needed to improve her energy levels.

After 3 months of the program her doctor assessed her again for symptoms of fibromyalgia and noted that she was remarkably improved. Nadine herself felt much better and could cope with the demands of her life.