When I first met Cindy she was in a terrible state.

She had struggled with her weight and infertility for fourteen years and at the age of 41 her time was running out. In addition to this she has many other health issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, underactive thyroid, depression and outbreaks of hives. She was desparate to get herself in shape so that she could go for another round of IVF. She first saw a doctor who adjusted her medication and the doctor referred her to a dietitian.

By the time I saw her she had already lost 5 kgs and weighed 125.9kgs (she was 130kgs). After I had assessed her medical history, diet and body stat, a meal plan was designed for her. She was motivated and followed it diligently. After two months she had lost another 10 kgs and after four months she had lost 20.7kgs. Cindy's story just proves that with the correct medication, diet, exercise and attitude you really can achieve those dreams that you once thought impossible.

Helen was tired of feeling uncomfortable in her clothes.

She came in for assistance with weight loss and after further investigation we established that her thyroid was not balanced (even though she was on medication) and she had to take pain medication every second day for stomach cramps. Before we could focus on the weight loss there were other issues that had to be dealt with. She was put on a medical detox to improve her digestions and thyroid function.

After 4 months on her program she no longer need her pain medication, her thyroid was in perfect balance (still on medication) and she had dropped 2 dress sizes. Helen has not looked backed and I still see her every six months of s check up.